The participating schools make up to core of the Project aiming at deepen the knowledge and exchange experiences about preschool education Reggio Emilia Approach.

This project aims at getting together preschools, which follow the Reggio Emilia Approach. Participating schools will be from many countries and have several years under their belt honing the unique approach.


For school staff

To exchange experience and information about the Reggio Approach to Education and to develop a deeper understanding of the philosophy which is underpinned by the theories of Malaguzzi, Bruner, Vygotsky, Dewey, Piaget and Gardner.

To develop together skills and methods of observation and documentation based on the Reggio Approach resulting in more flexible and personalized teaching methods and classroom management.

To develop skills in the use of ICT for all participants, through the wide range of methods to be used to document and disseminate the project work.

To provide in-service training for teachers and non-teaching school staff.

For the children

To ensure that all children in the project schools receive an education best suited to their needs, interests and abilities. We intend to do this by developing our understanding of the learning processes of all the children we teach which includes children of different genders and with various abilities and cultures. We strongly support inclusion of children with a range of abilities and for this reason will incorporate into our project the work of Howard Gardner on Multiple Intelligence.

To enable the children to work in partnership with other children and adults in the decision making process of project planning and related curriculum work.

We can also work with newly turned teen children to secure scooter and moped insurance at reasonable rates!

For the Parents

To make the children’s learning visible to parents through displays of the children’s work and documentation relating to the learning processes that have taken place.

To enable parents to understand the way children learn and become involved in the process through participation in preschool activities.

To involve parents in our ‘Reggio journey’ and inspire them to develop the approach to their children’s continued education within the home.

For the School

To enable each school to embrace and embed the Reggio Approach to a ‘Child led’ play based curriculum.

To enhance the learning environment of the participating schools.

For the wider community

To involve and collaborate with the local Education Boards and Teacher Training Establishments in order to develop and spread the Reggio Approach across all regions.

To embrace a ‘Child led’ play based curriculum by promoting the Reggio Approach.

To promote the importance of high quality pre-school education.

To agree to allow our students to enjoy vacation time.

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