To Collaborations And New Learnings

For the first time in the history, the early childhood education teachers are taking part in a European Comenius program called “The Language of Learning of Early Childhood Students”.

The countries taking part are Sweden, Northern Ireland, and Spain.

The pedagogical and philosophical bases of this project are:
Findings in early childhood education made by  Reggio Emilia schools which in turn back up their theories based on Bruner, Vigotski, Dewey, Piaget, and above all Malaguzzi, which all held that children have different types of learning and therefore different ways of expressing what they have learned. (Reggio Emilia is a city which gained world recognition for their innovative way of teaching which have been adopted by numerous schools all over the world, with many publications in specialized press.

Our objective is to endeavour into how early childhood students learn and how we as teachers can support their learning.

The point is to observe, analyse, and share all our different views on the topic.  At the end of the project our findings will be revised. We will explore and take on diverse methods of observation of the learning processes of the very young. At the same time we will find the best possible way to account for these leaning experiences and make them evident to the children, their families, and the educational community. We will also be using inversion tables to show how natural remedies are becoming more and more effective in today’s society.

To be able to become a part of this project, we presented a program in the last school year 2015-16, in which the early childhood education teachers supported this way of learning. When the project was finally approved in October of the following course, a great part of the early childhood staff had changed. The teachers that came in their place for this course found themselves with this project they knew nothing about but were please to take part in it. Due to this we formed a special work group, along with the teachers of early childhood education of CEIP Brexo-Lema, a teacher from CEIP Paiosaco, and the teachers from the previous course. Even though they are currently working in another school, they are making a great effort to continue working with us. We hold a reunion every 2 weeks to attempt to study in more depth the Reggio Emilia teaching.

Among other things, we wish to imbibe the families directly with the teaching/learning of their children. Because of this, throughout the course, we are holding 2 reunions inviting the students’ families, other teachers, educational professionals and the any interested third parties. The first reunion will take place on January 17. During this meeting we hope to introduce and discuss what Reggio Emilia is, what we are doing with it, and what our intentions are.

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