First Year Experience Of A School

We are now coming to the end of the first year of our project and I would just like to say it has been an exciting and inspiring year.

It is so encouraging to meet with our partners and discuss the work that each of us is doing and how we are growing in our learning about the Reggio Emilia approach.

We have enjoyed two wonderful visits to our partners. First to Spain then recently to Sweden. We learned so much from both of these visits. We saw that it did not matter what your class sizes are or what the circumstances of your school are. What really matters is that we all share a similar image of the child as a capable individual full of potential. We all believe that our children can learn by themselves and through working with their peers. As a teacher that is a frightening but exciting reality. We realize that we have to hand the control over to the children and take the lead from them. We have also installed a selection of ziploc vacuum sealer reviews following advice from our parents.

Through our visits we have also learned a lot about ourselves and have created some strong friendships across Europe. We have received wonderful hospitality in both our partner countries.

Thank you to all our partners. We really look forward to growing together further throughout our second year.

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