Juicers: A Valuable Family Investment

When I was younger, I fondly remember my mother buying a juicer and serving us delicious fresh carrot juice. To this day, my family still owns the same juicer and it’s still in perfect working condition. Now we use it to make daily fruit juices. When my boyfriend moved into our home, he was excited to discover we owned a juicer. He went on to write a recipe book for juicers.
I highly recommend going out to get a juicing machine.

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They are as much a valuable investment as owning a microwave or refrigerator. The benefits are limitless. I think it’s crazy that I’m able to drink a day’s worth of recommended vegetables and fruit every morning in one tall glass of fresh juice. I once hosted a juicer party where all my friends brought their own fruits and vegetables to juice up. One of my friends commented, “Whoever invented the juicer is a genius. I can’t believe I’m drinking five bananas in a single swoop.”

What about the health benefits of owning a juicer? Studies have shown that consuming liquid forms of food helps the digestive system intake vitamins and minerals with more ease. Not only this, sometimes it can be difficult to eat such a large portion of the daily recommended vegetables and fruit. Let’s face it, the thought of eating a bowl full of raw spinach and kale can be unappetizing. With a juicer, you can hide the bitter flavors of spinach and kale with carrots and oranges in the same cup. Juicing up vegetables and fruit is more efficient and quicker. Breakfast can be served as quick as your juicer works.

Owning a juicer also adds variety to your vegetable and fruit diet. There is an endless variety of juicer recipes and books available. Each one discussing the benefits of adding each and every type of vegetable and fruit there is. When my boyfriend moved in, he had never eaten a fresh mango. He wasn’t a big fan of the ‘hairy’ texture but loved the flavor. Once he began to use our juicer machine, he threw in some mango slices and there began his daily consumption of mangos.

Juicers are well worth their price. They last for decades, make breakfast and snack time a breeze, and you can even host parties with them. Run on down to your local store to try one out. If you end up not liking, they will always let you return it, but I guarantee you that you will be hooked on using your new juicer on a daily basis.

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